MEA Attestation in Hyderabad

SEPL Attestation Hyderabad is an authorized agency of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) from March 2012, to do attestation of documents from March 2012. SEPL main role is to collect the original document along with a photocopy of the document and a photocopy of the Passport of the applicant, for further processing for attestation.

SEPL provides the premium and the best quality attestation services, from our branch in Hyderabad. We provide our customers with one of the best and affordable MEA certificate attestation services, for all types of documents educational, non-educational and commercial.

Certificate Attestation in Hyderabad

Certificate Attestation in Hyderabad is needed for the documents (Educational, Non-educational, and Commercial) intended to use in foreign countries. To legalize the usage of the certificates, concerned State authorities, MEA, and the respective Embassy authorize the documents by witnessing the signs and seals. So, if you want to use your documents for visas and other purposes internationally, you need to get them authorized by Attestation. Through Certificate Attestation, you can also confirm that issued documents are authentic and genuine.

MEA Attestation Procedure:

Educational Documents:

  1. HRD authentication of the certificates from the concerned State.
  2. MEA attestation.

Personal Documents:

  1. Home Department authentication of the certificates from the concerned State.
  2. MEA attestation.

Commercial Documents:

  1. Indian Chamber of Commerce attestation.
  2. MEA attestation.

Documents required for submission:

  1. Original document to be attested.
  2. Photocopy of the document.
  3. Photocopy of the passport.
MEA attestation procedure

How To Get Educational Document Attestation in Hyderabad?

Educational Documents are expected to use in another country for higher studies, visas, and other purposes needed to get Document Attestation. However, the procedure to obtain an Attestation involves various steps. First, the educational documents get HRD attestation in Hyderabad. After that, MEA and Embassy authorize the document. So, if you want to get your Educational certificates (Degree, Diploma, Ph.D., Marksheets) attested, you can approach us.

How to Get Non-Educational Certificate Attestation in Hyderabad?

Non-Educational Certificates are first authenticated by the State Home Department. After that, personal documents get Attestation respectively from the MEA and Embassy. So, if you want complete Embassy and mea attestation in Hyderabad, you can count on us. SEPL Attestation Hyderabad is trusted and experienced to render the best quality and premium services.

Where to get Commercial Certificate Attestation?

If you are looking for a genuine and prompt Commercial Document Attestation in Hyderabad, you are in the right place. SEPL Attestation Hyderabad is here to get your commercial certificate attested from the respective Chamber of Commerce, MEA, and Embassy.

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SEPL Attestation Hyderabad is one of the best agencies providing the most approachable certificate attestation services in Hyderabad. With us, you can seek the help of skilled and experienced experts to submit and deliver your documents to the respective authorities in order to get them legalized.

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